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Feature: Rising producer Ryan Hemsworth

Rising producer Ryan Hemsworth kicks off a big year by impressing audiences at SXSW.

story & photograph by Alex Vickery


As a hip-hop track begins pulsating over the loud speakers, a crowd begins to form a semi-circle around the small, dark stage, drawn to the source of the beats. A lanky, blonde guy eases into his set, his face illuminated by the glow of a laptop. Like a puppeteer, he commands the crowd to sway and dance, oblivious of the chaos surrounding them.

South by Southwest is often chaos, and the Hype Hotel party is no exception. Partygoers entering the venue scurry to the bar for a free drink, some impatiently wait in the long line for the bathroom while others enjoy a quick massage. None of that matters to those listening to Ryan Hemsworth. The smooth bass interlaced with electronic melodies and lines from mellow rap songs entrances listeners.

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