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Interview w/ VΞRACOM

Veracom is a lo-fi, retro-sampling beat corporation hailing from Dallas, TX. Imagine listening to a Luther Vandross record, heavily Xanax’d, whilst wearing your favourite tie-dye t-shirt  (Luther Vandrax’d if you will). In this interview we talk Nintendo, Keith Sweat and mortality.

JS: What is your profession and how did Veracom start?

Veracom: Right now I work for a company installing fire alarm systems in buildings freelance, it’s really boring, tedious, and sweaty work. For those reasons it’s currently motivating me to find something else.

Veracom actually started last December right after Christmas. I had just received a Nintendo 3DS as a gift, so I downloaded these music programs in the 3DS app market and started making beats and uploading them to SoundCloud (the sampling came later). I didn’t really have a name at first it took some thought, I just remember I was doing a job for AT&T and while I was working I noticed a word on the underside of the fire alarm device I had in my hands. It said “com” The three letters that give Capcom it’s wonderful sound, I wanted something like that, I was working on a telecommunications building at the time so I sort of fabricated a name for an expired telecom agency. My thought process summed up: Com > Capcom > AT&T > telecom > Veracom. I googled it later to find out that there’s a Ford car dealership somewhere called Veracom, I thought that was kind of funny.

JS: You create a very clear aesthetic with your artwork. Do you create these visuals yourself and does it affect the music you make?

V: Yes, I create my own images. The clear aesthetic comes from the completion of a track, at that point I know exactly what I want people to see. The visuals don’t influence the music as much as the music influences the images.

JS:Tell us a little bit about Fluorescent Records.

V: Fluorescent Records is just a cool little net label that’s run by POLYHYMNIΔ, They release a lot of dark, synth-oriented, experimental type shit. Even though my style is different than most of the cats under that label there’s definitely a strong connection between us and I really like being a part of it.

(Free download: Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation)

JS: Do you find Dallas to be an inspiring place to make music?

V: I’ve never really found Dallas to be a very inspiring place. I tend to catch lightning when I’m traveling more often then when I’m home.

JS: Any collaborations in the works? (You and Heatstroke gotta do something)

V: Actually, it’s pretty funny that you said that, me and Heatstroke were joking around on twitter and we came up with a pretty sweat idea for a track. it’s in the works right now. I also have a pending collab EP called FLIGHTS with Ian Curtis Wishlist.

JS: Who are you listening to right now?

V: Right now I’m listening to a lot of classic R&B music and Acid Jazz, 80’s - 90’s Keith Sweat will forever be a favorite of mine, there’s also this tape I stumbled on a year ago called Abacus Moon by a guy named Don Harriss, it’s some really solid fantasy pop music and it rarely leaves my tape player. I also started listening to Freddie Jackson recently.

JS: According to your twitter we may hear some new projects based around the values of Buddhism and Krishna?

V: Buddhism and Krishna consciousness are new ideas that I have invited into my life to help myself achieve a higher level of thought, I’m still trying to accept my mortality and I think that could definitely conjure up some new inspiration in many areas of my music.

JS: Where would you like to imagine your music being played?

V: I don’t care where my music ends up. it could end up being played at 2 am on a local punk station and I would be totally stoked about it. My music has already been played on a few obscure radio stations across the world and knowing that has already more than surpassed my expectations for where I thought Veracom would go. It’s a very humbling feeling.

JS: Who should we interview next?

V: You should interview ARPEGGI8, I would read that.

A big thank you to Veracom for taking the time to talk to us. If you haven’t already, make sure you grab a free download of Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation featuring a selection of brilliant artists. As always, we will keep you up to date on anything and everything Veracom as and when we hear it.

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