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The Danks Talk About Making Their New LP.

Over the weekend, Canadian indie rockers The Danks took some time to answer a few quick questions we had about their new LP 'Are You Afraid of The Danks' and touched based on everything from the title to the mixing. The Album is planned for release on May 22nd via Hidden Pony Records (Said The Whale, Imaginary Cities) and is produced by Jeff McMurrich (Fucked Up, Constantines, Owen Pallete).

Read the full Q&A including the video for “Automocar” after the jump.

GA. My first reaction when i spotted the title of the new LP was “hell yes, i am!”. ‘Are You Afraid of The Danks’ , Why that title?

TD “Good. We consider ourselves pretty menacing and were wondering if the listening public agreed. The name is a nod to a YTV Canadian kids campfire ghost story show called Are You Afraid of the Dark. The show never really achieved the cult hit status associated with other Canuck shows like Degrassi, but distilled that RL Stine young-adult nineties scarewave thing into a nice PG teleformat”. 

GA. While listening to the LP i noticed there’s quite a handful of potential first singles. Any particular reason why you chose “Automocar” as your first single?

TD “Our buddy Gavin wanted to shoot a video for Automocar. When we do Top of the Pops it’ll be easier to remember the words of a song with two identical verses and a wordless chorus”.

GA. What areas did you focus on the most while making this LP?

TD “Stringed instruments. Mainly guitars. To the detriment of everything else usually. Our mix engineer was really mocking our weenus kick drum tones”.

GA. Were there any concepts or themes taken into account?

TD “Not intentionally. The old ‘working a crappy wage slave job to afford inebriants that make your prospects seem a little less grim for a few hours’ theme popped up a few times”.

GA. Were there any tracks not on the final LP that you felt should have been?

TD “There was one song called All The Kids that was super catchy that never made the cut because we screwed it up with stupid reverbed drums. We thought reverbed drums equaled Pinkerton but guess what, that equation is false”.

GA. Did you experience any ‘pain in the neck’ moments while making ‘Are you Afraid of The Danks’

TD “The recording was a party and mixing was the hangover. Putting lipstick on certain tonal piggies was a pain in the boot. No, we got some good tones, some cruddy tones that never should have been committed to tape. The album is pretty aggressive at times, something to blare to aggravate your landlord”.

GA. What was it like working with Jeff McMurrich?

TD “We’re doing our new record with him and we’re having fun. It’s always weird hopping into a creative situation with a total stranger but JM has some nifty non-digital tricks and we’re getting into a fun crafty zone lately”.

GA. I understand you will be playing at NXNE this year, Excited?

TD “Yeah! NorthBy is the best fest directly north of SouthBy. It’ll be nice to see who’s on our label, we’ve only seen Elephant Stone so far. The Flaming Lips will be fun to see, they’re doing a free show with Of Montreal in front of City Hall. We wanna see The Men too. And Metz”.

GA. What do you want your new and existing fans to think of or pay attention to when listening to your new LP?

TD “Maybe some undergraduate philosophical meditation is in order?”

'Are You Afraid of The Danks' is out May 22 via Hidden Pony Records. Stream the first single “Automocar" here.

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